Sunday, September 15, 2013


In case you haven't noticed... Michael and I spend the majority of our time outside (especially now with winter just around the corner). --and also this cold I have coming on will put a damper on things pretty soon as well. I cannot tell you how much I love Utah, even though Michael will disagree because I am always complaining on how I want to move far away... I really do love this place.

I definitely got overly excited when I found a few trees that have already started transforming into their fall glory. After Stephanie's photo shoot with Shaundi (the winner of our giveaway) on Friday, I made Michael take me back to this beautiful place on Saturday. We spent three ours lying in the middle of the forest, and I guess you could say we found our new spot! We even made a few little friends, and captured a picture of one. Mr. Red Beetle, obviously the most original name we could think of.

--- and we laughed, A LOT. Michael gazed at me after one of our pretty intense laugh attacks and said, "You really are my best friend Kira." Well Michael dear, you are my best friend too. I think this marriage thing is working out for us pretty well so far.

I hope everyone had a laugh filled weekend, I know I did.


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