Monday, November 11, 2013


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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Tomorrow my best friend who just so happens to be my beautiful ginger cousin gets married! I am so excited for her. My pillow is really calling my name right now but the dinner tonight was lovely, and I can't wait to go to the temple tomorrow and see these two crazy kids get married. Happy Wedding Eve Asher's and Timmy.

This was taken shortly after Ashley moved here from Georgia, we were Hooligans. I will never forget our matching zebra print snuggies, sharing all of our journal entry's, staying up way past our bedtime-- because who needs curfews? and going about our lives like zombies because we never got enough sleep (definitely defeated the purpose of sleepovers). I love you babe, you are going to make the most beautiful bride.

P.S. also bear with me as I am making some blog changes at the moment.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


In case you haven't noticed... Michael and I spend the majority of our time outside (especially now with winter just around the corner). --and also this cold I have coming on will put a damper on things pretty soon as well. I cannot tell you how much I love Utah, even though Michael will disagree because I am always complaining on how I want to move far away... I really do love this place.

I definitely got overly excited when I found a few trees that have already started transforming into their fall glory. After Stephanie's photo shoot with Shaundi (the winner of our giveaway) on Friday, I made Michael take me back to this beautiful place on Saturday. We spent three ours lying in the middle of the forest, and I guess you could say we found our new spot! We even made a few little friends, and captured a picture of one. Mr. Red Beetle, obviously the most original name we could think of.

--- and we laughed, A LOT. Michael gazed at me after one of our pretty intense laugh attacks and said, "You really are my best friend Kira." Well Michael dear, you are my best friend too. I think this marriage thing is working out for us pretty well so far.

I hope everyone had a laugh filled weekend, I know I did.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013



A few weekends ago we had Miss Ashley's bridal shower. She gets married in less than two weeks! Timmy and Ashley are wonderful together, I am so excited for these two-- also it will be nice having a new married couple to hang out with... it really has become an issue. This is what I get for marrying so young.

Look at those gorgeous red heads, I have never felt so out of place in a photo...

You will be seeing more of this beautiful bride to be on my blog in a few weeks. Happy wedding cuz!

Monday, September 9, 2013


When you start your first week of school, it is always nice to take a mini get away to relax and have fun. I cannot even begin to explain how overwhelming school seems on the first week-- it beyond stresses me out. I'd like to think I am one of those "roll with the punches people", but when adding up tuition and books... school just becomes that important. The realization sets in, and I realize I have come to face yet another semester. 

Now on the third week I have somewhat collected myself, and fallen into a routine. My stress levels are now manageable, and I started to teach pre-school again. YAY! 

I have three red heads in my class... can you believe that. I love red hair, and obviously wouldn't know what to do without all the beautiful gingers in my life. My kids are adorable as always, and I love being called Miss Kira. 

We took a little day trip up to my grandma and grandpa's house last weekend. We just goofed off and fed all the wildlife. Her home in the mountains is my ideal escape at anytime of year. Every season in the valley is beautiful, I can't help but be a little biased towards the winter because she lives right by three ski resorts-- but honestly I am so much looking forward to fall up there because of all the trees that will turn red, yellow, and orange. Did I mention I love fall? 

Let the leaves change color friends, I am so ready for it. Michael and I are already planning our Halloween costumes, and I have purchased a few new story books to add to my pre-school Halloween collection. I will enjoy this warm weather while it lasts though.

Happy Monday friends!