Monday, September 9, 2013


When you start your first week of school, it is always nice to take a mini get away to relax and have fun. I cannot even begin to explain how overwhelming school seems on the first week-- it beyond stresses me out. I'd like to think I am one of those "roll with the punches people", but when adding up tuition and books... school just becomes that important. The realization sets in, and I realize I have come to face yet another semester. 

Now on the third week I have somewhat collected myself, and fallen into a routine. My stress levels are now manageable, and I started to teach pre-school again. YAY! 

I have three red heads in my class... can you believe that. I love red hair, and obviously wouldn't know what to do without all the beautiful gingers in my life. My kids are adorable as always, and I love being called Miss Kira. 

We took a little day trip up to my grandma and grandpa's house last weekend. We just goofed off and fed all the wildlife. Her home in the mountains is my ideal escape at anytime of year. Every season in the valley is beautiful, I can't help but be a little biased towards the winter because she lives right by three ski resorts-- but honestly I am so much looking forward to fall up there because of all the trees that will turn red, yellow, and orange. Did I mention I love fall? 

Let the leaves change color friends, I am so ready for it. Michael and I are already planning our Halloween costumes, and I have purchased a few new story books to add to my pre-school Halloween collection. I will enjoy this warm weather while it lasts though.

Happy Monday friends!

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